I use to spend an awful amount of time preparing student assessments and exams which reflect the LOs of the course. Using SQB in ICLMS the entire task became very easy and the best part was that it automatically calculated the per cent of LOs covered in each assessment saving me time and effort.
Zaheer Abbas
Assessing how well a course was taught by the teacher is important information for both the teachers and the senior administrators for promotional purposes. The ICLMS provides this value information in real-time. The use of ICLMS saves money, time and effort for teachers’ evaluation. It really a great APP with a user friendly interface.

Sana Shujah
The best part of using the ICLMS is the ability to carry out comparative analysis of how each of the courses is being delivered both in terms of quality and quality. It also provides the coverage of LOs which are extremely important for the purpose of accreditation and quality assurance. The reporting and the graphs provide a great understanding about the metric of the each course.
Dr. Habib Akram
I found Group Based Learning really interesting and important method for teaching. It allows me to develop other important skills needed in real life and especially in the workplace. It also helped me to identify and improve my strengths and weaknesses. The S.C.A.L.E evaluation system was very helpful

Mohammad Sarim
Keeping track of student academic performance during the class is extremely important so that proper and accurate advice on how students can improve on their weak points. This is where I felt that Islamabad LMS really came in handy. It automatically tract all LOs covered in class and how well the student learnt them individually and as a whole class. This helped me to focus on specific topic that students found hard.
Dr. Amir Dar
The real-time feedback was really impressive in the student LMS used by Islamabad College. I could access my performance after every class which helped me to continuously improve my chances of receiving a higher grade in my exams. I recommend that every school and college should use it

Ayesha Zahid